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Activities Pack — useful tools for youth work and training activities with migrants, refugees and local communities. Here you can find tools to create activities for young migrants and refugees. Created to help volunteers, social and youth workers, & the Activities Pack will help you implement new educational methods in your daily work with young migrants as well as local communities. Remember that tools alone have no influence. It is your task to adapt them to your objectives, context and target group, but most importantly to your own skills to turn them into something powerful!

Diversity & Inclusion


A toolkit on diversity in Scouting Swedish Guide and Scout Council. English

Inclusion in Scouting – position paper

Inclusion implies valuing the diversity of individuals, giving equal access and opportunities to all and having each person involved and participating in activities to the greatest extent possible. World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. English.

Diversity in Scouting – position paper

The concept of diversity encompasses recognising people as individuals, understanding that each one of us is unique, and respecting our individual differences. World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. English.

All Different, All Equal – A Diversity Toolkit

The WAGGGS and WOSM European Regions Diversity Toolkit. The information and training resources in this toolkit can be used and adapted to different age groups WAGGGS and WOSM European Regions. English.

The No Hate Speech Movement bookmarks

Bookmarks published to support the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign for human rights online. It is useful for educators wanting to address hate speech online from a human rights perspective, both inside and outside the formal education system. The manual is designed for working with learners aged 13 to 18 but the activities can be adapted to other age groups. Council of Europe. English.

The Living Library methodology

Part of the Council of Europe’s youth programme on human rights education. Its primary aim is to create constructive personal dialogues between people who would normally not have the opportunity to speak to each other and thus challenge common prejudices and stereotypes. It is particularly suitable for largescale public events, such as festivals and other gatherings. Council of Europe. English.

Diversity & Inclusion Video – IA

Support video for the definitions of Diversity and Inclusion. WOSM Interamerican region. English.

Accueillir et comprendre: Parlons Migrations

The magazine Titati talks about the association, but also about what brings these members together: Scouting, the unionist project, popular education, the society in which they live and act.

Fighting Against Social Exclusion, Racism and Xenophobia

How to make a difference for refugees

Idea Catalogue from REfugee REsponse Seminar CPH 2016 World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. English.

Refugee Week 2015 session plan – revised

This resource is inspired by celebrating the contributions of refugees to arts and culture in the UK British Red Cross. English.

Session Plan Refugees – primary activities

Explore what children know and think about refugees British Red Cross. English.


A document that describes the project in Paris SINGA and EEUDF | French

Refugee journeys Session ideas

Pick and choose from transcripts of three songs featured on The Long Road album to help young people engage with refugee stories. A set of critical questions open up a space for conversation, discussion and debate and help build young peoples’ understanding of the humanitarian impact of the current refugee crisis. British Red Cross. English.

Refugee Response – Exploring the topic of refugees with young people

The Refugee Response resource created by The Scout Association in partnership with The British Red Cross, Oxfam, Cafod, Refugee Week and Refugee Action, is an excellent tool to explore the topic of refugees with young people. The Scout Association (UK)| English

Guidelines on Scouting for Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances

Extending Scouting to working children, children living and working on the streets and children from ethnic minority communities has been successfully achieved by some NSOs. World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. English.

Compass: Manual for Human Rights Education with Young people

Migration theme – The themes according to which the activities in Compass are organised provide the reader and facilitator with essential background information on these themes, usually sufficient to be able to run the activities and discuss the themes from a human rights perspective. The facilitators are encouraged to do further research and to use additional sources of information. Council of Europe. English.


A manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and intolerance Council of Europe. English.

Blog | Exploring the refugee crisis with books and films

Support materials to help youth workers, youth and scout leaders to explore the refugee situation with young people. The Scout Association (UK). English.

Humanitarian Action

WOSM Humanitarian Action Resources

List of resources to help Scout leaders prepare young people for disasters. They encompass various educational materials such as books, web sites, mobile apps and more that can be used for disaster preparedness and response in the local community as well as discuss the issues that arise when young people think about disasters elsewhere in the world. World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. English.

WOSM Humanitarian Action Guidelines – July 2017

These Guidelines are primarily addressed to National Scout Organisations and Associations (NSOs/NSAs). Considering the evident involvement of Scouts in humanitarian action around the world, it became necessary to reassess our role as an educational movement with the aim of producing leaders of positive change in society. World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. English.

Intercultual Learning

ACTIVE Interactive Manual

Active Manual of activities aims at introducing the concept of active citizenship and to promote its importance in today’s global and local societies. Activities in this Manual can also be adapted and used with volunteers in local or national trainings and even in long-term volunteer exchanges. European Federation for Intercultural Learning. English.

T-Kit 4: Intercultural Learning

Intercultural Learning training-kit for trainers and other youth dealing with intercultural issues Published by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. English.


Not just numbers - Portugal

Educational tool kit about migration and asylum in Europe, designed to help teachers and youth workers involving young people aged between 12 and 18 in informed discussions on this subject. Published by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Activity pack - Journée mondiale des réfugiés

Ce pack contient des idées sur ce qu'on peut faire pour aider les réfugiés dans nos communautés et sur la façon dont on peut célébrer la Journée mondiale des réfugiés. World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - WAGGGS. French

Cuando el Sur se acerca al Norte

Educational resources suitable for different age groups, texts and stories for awareness raising activities, online resources for youth work with migrants, refugees and local communities. Scouts de España (ES). Spanish

How to make a difference for refugees

With a hundred participants from all over Europe, the REfugee REsponse Seminar in late 2015 set the direction for scouts and guides working to help refugees. This catalogue of ideas developed and gathered at the seminar aims to inspire new initiatives and cooperation in local communities across the region.

Positive Images Toolkit: Migration & development

The toolkit includes ten innovative educational activities for young people aged 11–19. It also includes activities and case studies of actions, enabling young people to make a difference to global issues locally through working with their community.

Positive Images Toolkit:

A Introduction and how to use the toolkit on migration and development
Download WordDoc version

Positive Images Toolkit:
What to consider?

Creating a safe environment for young people to express their opinions and test their ideas. It is also important that an environment is created where everyone feels comfortable to work as part of the group.
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Positive Images Toolkit:
Action planning worksheets

Creating an action project aim
Creating an action plan
Choosing an activity
Finding information
Creating a time schedule
Strengths audit
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Positive Images Toolkit:
Theme 1

Why do people migrate?
Would you leave home?
What is poverty and development?
What are the Millennium Development Goals?
Download PowerPoint presentation
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Positive Images Toolkit:
Theme 3

Migration patterns and journeys
Where do migrants come from and go?
What do people face on their journeys?
How does it feel to be in a new country?
Download PowerPoint presentation
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Positive Images Toolkit:
Theme 4

Positive Images Toolkit. Educator’s guide
How are migrants portrayed in the media?
Positive Images
Download PowerPoint presentation
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Positive Images Toolkit:

The attached definitions are provided for the educator’s reference. Young people have the opportunity to explore definitions through individual activities. Some definitions have been deliberately simplified for a young audience.
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Supporting Peace and Human Rights Education


Manual for Human Rights Education for Children. Council of Europe. English

Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth

The peace bag project Fundació Catalunya Voluntària and UNOY Peacebuilders. English


TTBW Volunteer Management Tool

The project, Time to be Welcome, aimed at encouraging young volunteers and youth organisations all over Europe to welcome young refugees and migrants. By supporting their integration process through the use of non-formal education and youth work.

Scout Movement

Dictionnaire Multilingue Du Scoutisme (A multi language guide to Scouting, brought to you by Time to be Welcome, Singa and Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France.

TTBW Activities Review

To help evaluate and analyse which best practices were used and up-scaled within the project 'Time to be Welcome'.

AFS Intercultural LINK

Concepts and theories of culture.

TTBW On-arrival Training

The on-arrival training includes non-formal education activities, workshops and sessions on several topics.

TTBW Hosting & Sending Long Term volunteers

TTBW Project Guide Guidelines for partners supporting the volunteer journey. Detailed pre-departure training and preparation tasks structure.

TTBW Quality Assurance Plan

Adding a Quality Assurance' section to the Project Implementation Plan that refers to the KPIs and quality measures to be put in place for every activity that will be implemented in the project lifetime.

TTBW Project Guide

Support guidelines for volunteer selection and pre-departure preparation: practical aspects, tasks and responsibilities.

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