Words Matter: The Human Voice at the centre of the Refugee Community

My name is Homy and I am from Afghanistan.

I started volunteering on the “Time To Be Welcome” project because I am from the refugee community and I want to help refugees.

I believe that:

“If you help someone, someone else will help you.”

I think this phrase is very important and necessary for all people to consider, refugees or otherwise, because there will be times in all of our lives when we will need help, and we will always hope we have others around to help us.

When I came to Greece there were many people helping and volunteering with refugees and I couldn’t see any difference between us and them; they are human and I am human too.  Why shouldn’t I help?

The word ‘Refugee’ means a human being is in need of refuge, a safe place. I speak a lot about the word refugee because I think many people misunderstand it. When they hear the word refugee some people feel pity. Some people even feel anger or hatred, thinking that these people have come to take their place, food or job but it is not like this. These people have left their country because of terrible situations, including war, violence and severe instability. Now they are trying to make better life for themselves and their children, who are the future of not just one country, but the whole world.

“We made the borders with our words and we can destroy the borders with our words.”

A long time ago when there was no one in this world, there were also no borders. Why should we have them now? Because of different languages, different colours, different cultures or different living places?

The borders that we have put up around our world, and the countries we have created have made us scared of each other, and focus on our differences rather than what we have in common as a human race.

It really is simple to solve these problems. We just need to use our words, all of the different words we have, to listen to each other and communicate better. ‘Time to be Welcome‘ focuses on bringing people together and welcoming a new generation to Europe to live as equals, and I am so happy to be involved in this.

Picture by Susanna Mikander 

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